Helena Falls in Love – Short Romance Story

Helena Falls in Love

Helena Falls in Love is Book 8 in The Love Series – What happens when your best friend has strong feelings for you? Discover what happens during a working holiday in Cannes.

Helena Falls in Love – Book 8 in The Love Series

Helena Chambers and her friends are off to Cannes, France on a week long working holiday. This is a yearly event where the work is easy, the pay is good and there is always the chance of a holiday romance with a sexy foreigner.

This year the team is short one member so Helena invites her best friend Dillon to come along. She is completely unaware that he sees her as more than a best friend.

  • What will happen during this working holiday in Cannes?
  • Will Helena enjoy the delights of the holiday romance that she seeks?
  • Will Dillon pluck up the courage to tell Helena how he truly feels?

Helena Falls in Love is a 8,000 word short romance story with a happy ever after ending. It is just the thing if you are looking for a pocket-size story to read during your lunch break or while waiting for an appointment. Enjoy.


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