Melinda Falls in Love – A Short Romance Story

Melinda Falls in Love

Melinda Falls in Love is Book 13 in The Love Series – This story is a little different from the others that I have written. This one is about a married couple.

Melinda Falls in Love – Book 13 in The Love Series

Melinda Brockman is married to dependable Jerry but something is missing from her life.

Her day to day routine leaves her feeling stuck in a rut. So she decides to do something about it. With the help of her friend, she decides to take up a new hobby.

  • What is this hobby that gives her a new lease of life?
  • Why does her husband react badly to this new distraction?
  • How does an innocent drink with a classmate land Melinda in hot water?

Discover how a change in routine can lead to a new lease of life, love and a renewal of romance.

Melinda Falls in Love is a 8,000 word short romance story with a happy ever after ending. It is the just the thing if you are looking for a pocket-size story to read during your lunch break or while waiting for an appointment. Enjoy.

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