The Love Series – Volume 1 – Short Romance Stories

The Love Series – Volume 1

A Collection of Short Romance Stories

This is the first volume of short stories from The Love Series. It contains the following 5 romance stories with happy every after endings:

  1. Addison Falls in Love the-love-series-volume-1
  2. Bernadette Falls in Love
  3. Courtney Falls in Love
  4. Davina Falls in Love
  5. Eleanor Falls in Love


Addison Falls in Love

Addison Falls in Love - Audra BellBook 1 in The Love Series

Addison has been in a romance slump. Ever since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she has retreated from the dating world.

Her friend Clara thinks that it is time for her to get back out there and meet new people and she has a certain handsome young man in mind.

Discover how Clara uses her matchmaking skills on the unsuspecting Addison with delightful results.

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Bernadette Falls in Love

bernadette-falls-in-love-audra-bellBook 2 in The Love Series

Bernadette and Woody have been friends since childhood. When Bernadette hits her teens she realises that her feelings for Woody extend further than friendship but she doesn’t let him know.

Years later Woody returns from travelling around the world and ends up on Bernadette’s sofa. She knows that her feelings for him haven’t changed but she doesn’t want to do anything that could jeopardise their friendship.

    • How does Bernadette’s handle seeing Woody again?
    • Will she be brave enough to admit her true feelings for him?
    • What fantastic thing will she discover that takes her by complete surprise?

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Courtney Falls in Love

courtney-falls-in-love-audra-bellBook 3 in The Love Series

Ten year old Courtney is a tomboy who loves climbing trees. Tom is the new teenager who moves in next door. When he takes on babysitting duties for the summer holidays, Courtney and Tom become the best of friends.

Several years later Courtney and Tom meet in New York. She is no longer the ten year old tomboy he used to babysit. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman who takes his breath away.

Discover how Courtney and Tom navigate between the past and the present as they react to each other as mature adults.

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Davina Falls in Love

davina-falls-in-love-audra-bellBook 4 in The Love Series

Davina and William meet on the first day of secondary school and became the best of friends. Seeking a life of fun and excitement, as soon as her education is complete, Davina heads off to New York for an adventure. Things don’t work out as planned and she returns home with her tail between her legs, her heart broken and with no job prospects in sight.

The handsome and quietly confident William is happy to reconnect with his best friend and wonders if he will ever summon up the courage to admit his true feelings for her.

Discover how Davina realises that what she was searching for was right on her doorstep the whole time.

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Eleanor Falls in Love

eleanor-falls-in-love-audra-bellBook 5 in The Love Series

Eleanor and Terence meet at university where he saves her from hitting the floor face first at the freshers fair. It doesn’t take long for romance to blossom but Eleanor’s plans for university and a career in fashion change when she is called home to look after her sick father.

After agreeing to a loving long distance relationship, Eleanor’s life is turned upside down when Terence suddenly cuts off all communication with her.

Discover how Eleanor faces up to the challenge of finding a balance between her sense of duty, her family obligations and the challenges that come with a long distance love affair.

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