The Love Series – Volume 2 – Short Romance Stories

The Love Series Volume 2

A Collection of Short Romance Stories

This is the second volume of short stories from The Love Series. It contains the following 5 romance stories with happy every after endings:

  • Felicity Falls in Love
  • Gabrielle Falls in Love
  • Helena Falls in Love
  • Isabelle Falls in Love
  • Josephine Falls in Love

Felicity Falls in Love

Book 6 in The Love Series

Is there such a thing as love at first sight?

Felicity Porter and Simon Carter meet at a mutual friend’s wedding. There is an instant attraction but neither party acts on their feelings. A few months later, their friend and bride, Sarah, decides to do a little match making at her Christmas dinner party.

How will Felicity and Simon react to seeing each other again?

Is there that same attraction that was evident at the wedding?

Will they share a romantic kiss before the evening ends?

Discover how a gathering of friends at Christmas time can help to bring romance to two deserving people.

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Gabrielle Falls in Love

Book 7 in The Love Series

Gabrielle DeSouza is at university for one thing only. She wants to study hard, earn an excellent degree and make her parents proud. The last thing on her mind is romance.

Then she meets Max, a handsome young student who happens to live next door. What starts out as a simple friendship leads to something more. Neglecting her studies isn’t the only thing that worries Gabrielle.

Why does Gabrielle think a relationship with Max is wrong?

How do her parents react when they discover when they find out about Max?

Will Max be able to convince Gabrielle and her parents that they belong together?

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Helena Falls in Love

Book 8 in The Love Series

Helena Chambers and her friends are off to Cannes, France on a week long working holiday. This is a yearly event where the work is easy, the pay is good and there is always the chance of a holiday romance with a sexy foreigner.

This year the team is short one member so Helena invites her best friend Dillon to come along. She is completely unaware that he sees her as more than a best friend.

What will happen during this working holiday in Cannes?

Will Helena enjoy the delights of the holiday romance that she seeks?

Will Dillon pluck up the courage to tell Helena how he truly feels?

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Isabelle Falls in Love

Book 9 in The Love Series

Isabelle Carmichael is a newly qualified English Teacher looking for adventure. She bids farewell to her parents and heads off to Hong Kong to teach. She makes some great friends and life is good. Then she meets Denny, a sexy Frenchman travelling the world with his buddy.

How do Isabelle and Denny react to their mutual attraction?

Will Isabelle experience the joy of true romance?

What will happen when it is time for Denny to return home?

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Josephine Falls in Love

Book 10 in The Love Series

Josephine ‘Josie’ Gorden is a successful and very busy businesswoman based in London. A few days away from the office is just what she needs. Her best friend owns a pretty boutique hotel in Cornwall and invites her to stay for a well deserved rest and a girly catch-up.

When Josie arrives she gets a little more than she bargained for. She comes face to face with the handsome Owen Barrett, a rude man she thought she would never see again.

Can Josie forgive Owen for insulting her years ago?

Could she really be attracted to him, even though he gave her that awful nickname?

Could a holiday romance with George, a delightful local, be just the distraction she needs?

** Previously published under the title Love From Cornwall – A Short Romance Story

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